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Screenshot from „The Emigrants”
GalleryScreenshot from „The Emigrants”
  • The Emigrants, director Mohamad Abdulaziz

    On Christmas Eve, two Syrian refugees hide in a basement somewhere in Europe and hold a philosophical conversation. One of them is a politician and intellectual, an activist for the liberation of his country. The other is a worker who fled Syria in search of a better life. United by the alienation they have experienced in Europe, they tell each other about everything that has happened to them, both moments of happiness and sorrow.

  • Mohamad Abdulaziz was born in Syria close to the border with Turkey. The event that informs his work is the death of his father, who he knows only from photographs. Hence his interest in film and recording reality, especially that of childhood in the middle of warfare in the borderlands between Turkey and Syria. Abdulaziz still lives in Syria where he has made several films. Each of them is an equally important socio-political declaration.