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Nostalgia Festival Poznań 2017 / photo Maciej Zakrzewski
GalleryNostalgia Festival Poznań 2017 / photo Maciej Zakrzewski
  • Since 2014, the Nostalgia Festival has been accompanied by workshops on music criticism organised by the Meakultura Foundation. This year, the formula of the workshops has evolved: from an educational program, full of lectures, discussions and original presentations, we have created a platform that provides the opportunity to practice the participants’ skills as music critics. The lecturers are giving the floor to the participants, who will receive professional support to take, in some cases, their first steps in journalism.

    Criticism in Practice is a proposal addressed to those who are interested in music and would like to become music critics and journalists. Under the supervision of Ewa Schreiber and Krzysztof Stefański, the project participants will be involved in specific tasks: conducting an interview and an audience survey, preparing press materials, and writing a review or a feature. To shift the focus of the programme on improving the participants’ writing skills, they will take part together in the festival events, discussion meetings and individual consultations, in addition to benefitting from professional supervision.

    The Meakultura Foundation will also provide the participants of Criticism in Practice with the opportunity to make their debut in journalism. To conclude the programme, the participants’ texts will be published in the issue of the Meakultura magazine devoted to the Nostalgia Festival.

    The organiser of the project is Fundacja Meakultura.

    Professional support will be provided by:
    Ewa Schreiber, Ph.D., graduate of musicology and philosophy, music critic and academic lecturer;
    Krzysztof Stefański, musicologist and music theoretician, author of the Niby-tygodnik blog dedicated to music.

    Marlena Wieczorek, musicologist, chief editor of the Meakultura magazine, founder and chairwoman of Fundacja Meakultura.