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Jerzy Trela and Miłogost Reczek / photo Tomasz Koryszko
GalleryJerzy Trela and Miłogost Reczek / photo Tomasz Koryszko
  • Life without Christmas sounds perverse and evokes various associations, whilst spirituality can take on different dimensions. With its programme, the Nostalgia Festival aims to encourage reflection – also in the form of an exchange of perspectives.

    This year’s Nostalgia Festival Poznań features a unique live reading of the Audio Bible by Jerzy Trela and Miłogost Reczek. The Bible is a work that has affected all the literary genres. Rich in motifs, it has inspired artists over the centuries. Everyone has heard about it, but few have studied it from beginning to end. The idea of creating the Audio Bible arose in the head of actor and director Krzysztof Czeczot, founder of the Osorno production company.

    The project has a social dimension and is meant to bring people together, reflecting the words of Giya Kancheli who said in 2004 in Łódź in 2004: ‘I do understand that religion and faith are a great blessing. At the same time, I know perfectly well that whenever elements of fundamentalism appear within them, they become a great evil.’

    Nearly 500 renowned actors contributed to the recording of Biblia Audio. During Nostalgia, two of them – Jerzy Trela and Miłogost Reczek – will perform a live radio play in the role of God and narrator.

  • Krzysztof Czeczot

    is an actor, dramaturge and director. A graduate of the Łódź Film School, he has performed in feature films and television shows. He has authored dramas, radio plays and an operetta libretto. At the Prix Europa Festival in Berlin, he won the Best European Radio Drama of the Year award for the radio play Andy, which was the first such distinction in the history of the Polish Radio. Czeczot is the founder of the production company Osorno with whom he has made various radio plays, for instance Krzyżacy, Blade Runner and Gra o tron.

    Jerzy Trela

    is a theatre, film and television actor who has starred in over 140 roles in Teatr Telewizji (Television Theatre). He is permanently based in Krakow (Teatr Stary and Teatr Rozmaitości) where he worked with Konrad Swinarski and cofounded Teatr Scena STU. Trela’s accolades include Decoration of Honour Meritorious for Polish Culture, the Award of the Minister of Culture and Art in the Field of Theatre, the Gloria Artis Medal and the Commander’s Cross with Star of the Order of Polonia Restituta which he received from President Bronisław Komorowski.

    Miłogost Reczek

    is a theatre, film and voice actor who has received the Bronze and Silver Cross of Merit. He has featured in over 300 radio plays and numerous voice roles in dubbed films, videogames and cartoons, including Star Wars, The Simpsons, Frozen, The Transformers and The Hobbit, as well as the games League of Legends, The Witcher, Dishonored and Destiny. Reczek also features in audiobooks.